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Mhamo - your
neighbourhood, online

We may all have Google, but who has time to scout the entire neighbourhood? Mhamo does! All you need to do is explore, discover and order.

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Mhamo - one City, loads of curated neighbourhood experiences

From the comfort of your hotel room, home or office, you can get your running shoes dropped off, buy a phone charger, order your morning coffee or book a dinner and a show.

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Choices, choices, choices…
Use Mhamo’s QR code, the Mhamo app or website to order and pay.

Even simpler, you can just click-n-collect.


Mhamo’s virtual concierge gives you quick and easy access to the best services, shops and experiences nearby


By using Mhamo you support smaller local businesses and help them grow

Mhamo - your<br> neighbourhood, online

Mhamo allows you reduce your carbon footprint

Mhamo - your<br> neighbourhood, online

It’s a one-stop order and pay solution


is the Irish word for Grandma, and she has all the insider tips on what’s going on in your neighbourhood.

Streetwise Mhamo knows where to get the best bread, which butcher to use, how to get couriered whatever you have forgotten at home and which restaurants are on top of their game.

She can help you order and pay in no time at all.