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Why should you become a Mhamo Partner?

Mhamo is a neighbourhood platform developed for hotels, residences, serviced apartments, offices, co-working spaces and mixed-use lifestyle projects that offers guests, visitors and residents easy access to the best corner cafés, tailors, laundry service and more, right in their local neighbourhood.

We do this by collaborating with a network of local vendors, producers, operators and traders such as independent restaurateurs, local merchants, and family-owned businesses.

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As a Mhamo partner you can:

  • Grow your customer base and add more revenue streams
  • Give your guests an even better local experience
  • Offer a one-stop order & pay platform for your guests
  • Provide faster service delivery, limit waste and reduce costs through the built-in internal communication feature

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Mhamo vendor

Why should you become a Mhamo vendor?

Mhamo is a one-stop order & pay platform for guests and visitors in your neighbourhood.

Grow your business by increasing your visibility, reaching more people and getting more orders while reducing your carbon footprint and waiting times.

Benefits for Mhamo vendors

  • More visibility to local customers to grow your business
  • Access to an easy to use, one-stop order & pay platform
  • Ability to build long-term partnerships to support your growth
  • Faster order and delivery services, limiting waste and reducing costs

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The Mhamo app can be downloaded on Google Play or Apple Store or can be accessed as a web-based browser platform.

Simplicity at its best. Order from multiple vendors and pay with a single transaction.

Guests and customers simply scan the Mhamo QR code displayed at your location and go on to browse and order products via the Mhamo platform.

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Benefits of admin tools for partners

Easy to manage

Easy to manage neighbourhood services with a simple to navigate web-based platform and admin panel

Global customer support

Global customer support


User-friendly, responsive and prompt


Simple step by step on-boarding process for new partners

easy             communication

A chat function for quick and easy communication

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Individual licence for small businesses, shops, cafés, stores, restaurants etc.
Fees starting at EUR 3,500 per year

Business licence for hotels, residences, serviced apartments, shopping malls, communities and other mid- size businesses.
Fees starting at EUR 5,000 per year

Enterprise licence for larger business units. For a price for Enterprise licenses contact us directly. Fees will
be quoted according to details of enquiry.

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